Custom Jewelry Ecommerce

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For sale is a 5-year-old highly scalable, trendy fashion jewelry Ecommerce business that has enormous growth potential and a strong brand identity. Materials are sourced from overseas and assembled in the United States. The company maintains an influencer presence through key partnerships, Instagram, and Facebook accounts. Revenue has grown an average of 2.27x year-over-year since launch.

Key differentiators include a redesigned website to support and highlight the customizability of each piece, engraving machines that can support any image or PDF file as an input object for custom pieces, strong customer service and brand reputation.

There are two studio locations (Ohio and Florida) however consolidation is easy as all labor is contract and remote and can easily scale as demand fluctuates due to seasonality. Workforces are easily trained and replaced (as necessary).

An ideal buyer would have an existing Ecommerce consumer goods business which would be bolstered by the brand to offer a unique product line while leveraging existing logistics and customer service relationships. The business has been pre-approved for partial financing through an SBA loan.