Job Board Website with 50% Subscription Revenue

Asking Price:

$1,200,000 CAD

Financial Overview

$951,012 CAD
$506,795 CAD

Business Description

Not SBA eligible due to being based in Canada.


Started in 2001, this Canadian job platform has grown to over $950k CAD/year in revenue with consistently high profit margins and $46k in MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue). The website sells job postings for employers – they can purchase a la carte, or buy monthly or annual subscriptions. The two original founders are seeking an exit to take advantage of the capital gains exemption in Canada. This business can be run from anywhere in the world; owner does not have to live in Canada.


One of the owners is a developer for 20 hrs/week. The current developer is willing to be a paid contractor in the short term after transition, or they are willing to help you hire out this role to a contractor if you would like to replace that workload. The other owner works 20 hrs/week on operations and overseeing the existing customer support contractor, who will transition with the business.


We found this to be an attractive acquisition target because of the 18 year history, consistent growth, high net margins, and sellers that are pleasant to work with. Since they are planning to save a lot on taxes through the Canada tax exemption, they can offer this at an attractive 2.37x multiple. Sign the NDA to read more in the prospectus.